Company profile

The company was founded with the main objective of providing a turnkey service to its customers. 


Analysis and development of new technologies in industrial automation
• Project analysis

Analysis and development of new methodologies for the integration of innovative technologies for industrial automation.

  • General and detailed hardware design

Design of electrical, electronic and fluid systems in industrial automation. Realization of general and special electrical systems for industrial plants, buildings for the tertiary sector and residential, hospitals and sports centers.

• Software development for PLC, CNC, PC and SCADA

Construction of electrical equipment and systems on the machine for industrial automation (automotive, aerospace and other).

• Electric cabinets of distribution, power and logic

• Construction site engineering

• Testing and assistance


 Machining machines, assembly machines, welding systems, handling systems and test benches


Design and supply of electrical systems for energy production with:
• biomass plants, thermodynamic solar system and endothermic engines